Since my daughter was nine months old we’ve had problems with her

At nine months we had to stop her naps as she would would be awake until gone 1pm

She had just learned to walk another moment we was very pleased with but she would have us walking her up and down the lounge it was impossible we would be half asleep and she would want to be on her feet

So the naps stopped and she would be asleep at around 10pm which for us was loads better but then she would get up at 6pm in the morning

she used to sleep on the sofa next to me then I would carry her up to her cot we had to get a stairs gate to stop her going up stairs everything was going well even got her sleep time down to 9pm

Them when she was 2 years 8 months she some how learned to open the stair gate now this was a 3 point safety gate that even her mamma couldn’t open

She would us here lefthand to push the button and her righthand to lift the lever to open the gate so in the end we had to take the stair gate of for her own safety

So round this time we also got her a bed which she loved but she also had free run of the house

Which for us is a nightmare she’d be up and downstairs like a yo-yo she also spends most of her time at night in her brothers bedroom which is where she likes to fall asleep most nights at around 11pm

The only time she goes to sleep early is if she’s had a really busy day like swimming and shopping on the same day

We get really worried if we go out in the car and she falls asleep for 10 mins then its guaranteed that she would still be awake till 11pm and would also get up at 7:30 everyday sometimes we do get a lie-in but where lucky if it’s 8:30


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