Mealtimes in our house can be very hard Hannah doesn’t really eat much at all

And it can be really hard picking foods that she will eat as it is very limited to the amount of foods that she will touch

As a baby she started off eating really well all homemade food one of her first words was gravy lol

She would eat 3 meals a day then as she got more activate the less she ate she could go days without eating anything

I even asked the health visitor for advice and all she said was that she won’t starve herself at this time she hadn’t ate anything for 5 days and we were getting really worried

Then after 5 days she ate her dinner I couldn’t have been more pleased and if you read my other post about sleep times yes she would still be up until between 10pm & 11pm running

I don’t know where she get her energy from

So after eating her first meal in 5 days we gave her what ever she wanted to eat then she would go back to not eating again

it could be anywhere between 2 to the most she not ate is 7 days

The type of foods she eats are

Corned beef
Chocolate breakfast
Yorkshire puds
Tomato soup
Chips with red sauce

She used to eat potato but has stopped now

As you can see it’s very hard to get her to eat anything even harder when we got out

Now and again we can get her to eat a sandwich but she won’t finish it

It’s amazing when she eats something new like today she ate her first fish-finger with red sauce I was over the moon I’m hoping now that she will continue to eat fish fingers as it makes things I bit easier

There will be more to come on this post 🙂


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