My daughter loves her pushchair she’s 4 and just won’t give it up

I’ve tried leaving it in the car but after a few minutes she will start to scream and throw herself on the floor and refuse to walk So then we end up carry her so back to the car to fetch the pushchair

So the pushchair goes everywhere even to the local shop which is a 5 min walk away

Sometimes she will walk but it has to be her idea

It can be very hard when you get stared at because she looks alot older

she taller then most 4 year olds as she towers over them

It is really hard work has she’s heavy and when we go home we have to push her up hill and yes there are bags on the pushchair at times

I’ve tried offering her sweets or ride but nothing works 😦

Even got the health visitor in and all she said was you don’t see adults in pushchairs 😦 well that didn’t help

Hoping one day she will walk everywhere just a waiting game

4 thoughts on “Pushchair

  1. I have a major buggy for Oliver for that exact reason, not because he can’t walk because he can. Don’t worry too much about it. And that health visitor seems like she needs a reality check!! 🙂 xx

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