Dance part 1

When Hannah was 2 and a half I started to take her to dance lessons

Tried her in disco first and it was going really well at the beginning

Then after a few weeks she wouldn’t take part and would come and sit next to me

The only bit she liked was the gym part but that was at the end of the lesson

I was starting to get really disheartened but kept it up because it got her out of the house and she could meet other children around her own age

Slowly she was doing less and less so instead of quitting decided to start her in tap and ballet lessons and she really loved it

She has even gone on to take her exams in both lessons

I now take her twice a week

She’s like a little flower that takes a while to bloom

she dances all the time at home makes me laugh

So pleased we kept it up there no stopping her now 🙂


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