Days out


My daddy went to train with Steve from health and combat so me a hannah went to play with his daughter

We played shop, hide and seek and musical statues then it was time to go 😦

We went to ikea which is funny because it’s Hannah favourite place

she played in the play area and went down a large fireman’s pole I was very scared as she’s never done it before

Time for drinks

Then onto looking around the shop and its a whole lot of fun as the first thing we do is spin on the twirly chairs spinning round and round we get very dizzy

Then it’s on the the rocking chairs we spend ages on them

We sat in the twirly trolley and big mummy twirls us around it makes us both laugh Hannah got a map which she checks of the areas we go through

Time for another drink and chips

Then even more playing outside and we even get to play in the special indoor play area where big mummy and daddy leaves us we have loads of fun


When it’s time for big daddy to pick us up we go for ice-cream

You should see the things they brought

More fabric
Ice cube trays in the shape of fish
Curtain poll

Time to go in the car but the days not over yet we get to go to mac’s for tea and bring it home for Hannah’s big brothers plus j’s new girlfriend

I’m whacked I just hope Hannah goes to sleep early


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