When good days turn bad

Had a really nice day planned

We was going to go to the museum again today

hannah been asking all week to go she loves it there because they have a sand pit she loves to play in

But not today

Today the sand pit area was closed as they were changing things around she didn’t take this very well

that’s meltdown 1 calmed her down eventually with some chocolate and tried to enjoy rest of the visit but Hannah kept going on about the sand pit

Then we went to the train station and she waved goodbye to the train and the driver waved and even tooted the train whistle for her she loved that

We went through the subway to get to the other side and Hannah decided to walk which makes a change but she had her own ideas unbeknown to me

But that’s where it all went wrong again she ran off this time up the other side and continued towards the platform I shouted stop but she continued to run off laughing had to run after her and manage to grab her before she reached the top

Told her that was very dangerous and why didn’t she listen to me when i said stop she said she wanted to see more trains meltdown 2

Pleased to be home now


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