Mummy and daughter day

Wasn’t looking forward to today as I had to go shopping on my own with my daughter

Some might think this is great

but my daughters is undergoing tests for autism and going out with her can be really hard as we have to take her pushchair everywhere and she tends to run off a lot

So I was very worried and nerves

But I have to say we had a really great time

First we went for dinner well I say dinner I had dinner and my daughter had bag of crisps

Next we went for a drink she had to come with me to the counter

normally she would go and play while her dad watched her and the pushchair but today I was on my own so she picked her own drink and helped get the sugar for my coffee

Then she ran off to the play area but that was ok as I was not far behind her

she had a nice time playing with the other children and had a ride on Clifford after she start to climb on top of it 🙂 got her down by now she’s asking to go so hurried and finished my coffee

Now it’s time to start on the shopping

We had to get some new headphones for my son so we went to Argos which as i’m on my own can be hard as she tends to go and look at the toys

Today was no different she still look at the toys but when I shouted her name she came back which makes a change

One shop down

Next to get some chicken for tea and to another shop that causes trouble Iceland

When we go in this shop she has to open every freezer and as you can imagine they have a lot 🙂

But not today yes she touched every freezer but we had a race to see who could get to the top of the shop first and she won

She got the chicken for me and of to the till things where going so well

Today in town they was giving away balloons and Hannah loves balloons so tied one to the pushchair and this kept her busy she sat there playing with it 🙂

She had been that good today I brought her a cake for being so good

I even got her to walk up the hill which her dad would push her up but I’m not strong enough to do thankfully the balloon kept her busy and we managed to get to the top woohoo 🙂

Time for her to go back in the pushchair happily playing with the balloon finally made it back home without to many problems

And this is the result of the little walking she’s done



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