I’ve be teaching my daughter to count since the minute she could talk.

At first it was visual through books loads of book.

Then it moved on to number chart 1-10 which we’ve still got up not sure where we got it from.

After she could count to 10 I started to think what else could it teach her and how.

So I decided to do races.

First it was who could get to 10 the fastest.

Then I moved on to who can get to 20 the fastest.

At the time she didn’t know most of these numbers but through listening and who could get to 20 first she soon picked up and could now count up to 20.

Even mickey mouse had a hand in this she would watch mickey mouse club house.

This was all before she started nursery which she doesn’t go to anymore.

Next I wondered how much more she could do so i started another race who could get to 100 first in 10’s.

I started off slowly at first 10-50 after she could do that I increased it to 10-100.

who could get to 100 first and the loudest at first she would call ‘100’ 20 but she soon got the hang of it and can now do it fluently.

This is a really big milestone.

Now I’m trying to teach her to count in 5 to 25 this shouldn’t take long but it is always fun.

She like a little sponge and soaks it all up.

We still go over the other numbers to make sure she doesn’t forget them she’s doing so well to say the doctors said she would be slower then other children her age.


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