Progress in walking

I can not believe what happened today

We where going out in town and for the first time Hannah walked all the way to her mamma’s

We made secret paths and walked over bridges and jumped over shadow trees walked on high Walls

I could not stop smiling šŸ™‚

When we finally got to mamma’s house we had a little rest and then it was time to set off into town and yes she got back in the pushchair

After sitting in her pushchair all the way round town it was time to go home but first a quick stop of at mamma’s house

On the way home Hannah decided to walk on the secret path again wasn’t keeping my hopes up as she started to walk home before but has quickly got back in her pushchair

Got to the bottom of the hill and she was still walking šŸ™‚

We stepped on the magic slabs and climb the hill to the top then along the secret path back over the bridges and along shadow trees to the high Walls

we saw a friend of ours who was very surprised to see Hannah walking and gave her a huge hug šŸ™‚

She walked all the way home never ever done before šŸ™‚


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