17th birthday

Today my son is 17 I can not believe that he is the same age I was when he was born 🙂

This Morning he was the last up just like any teenager he likes to wake-up late 🙂 wished they did that when they were younger 🙂

So as he’s sleeping where busy blowing up balloons with hannah’s help 🙂

Then josiah gets up and time to open his cards which Hannah goes to give him 🙂

Then time for him to have some fun and play on his games and reply to the loads of birthday wishes he got on FB

Time to get ready to set out for dinner but first we have to meet his girlfriend and she’s made a cake for him

Off to mamma’s house where he opens his presents


Off to mac’s for dinner his choice 🙂 while where there he see’s more of his friends with hugs received it’s time for him to spend his money 🙂

After spending over half the day with family he’s off to meet with friends 🙂

Soon it’s time to go to mamma’s and start the party 🙂

Everyone’s here party food to eat 🙂 love the sounds of teenagers chatting and laughing while the young one’s eat and run 🙂

Time for the cakes




Yeah wishes made 🙂

Everything went well and fun had by all 🙂


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