Food shopping

Hannah loves going food shopping especially when we go to asda

When we get there sometime we had a drink which she picks herself after drinks it’s time to shop

Hannah gets a trolly and hedgehog sits in the seat with hannah even through she’s to big

First stop is up the escalator to the clothes area even if where not buying anything we still have to go up and back down the other side

After that we can start on the shopping at the butter tubs hannah’s stacking them while where picking bits up

Now this is the bit that makes us laugh because if Hannah spots a foot stool which she calls a dalek and she pushes it round the shop running up and down the aisles with it even hedgehog has a ride on it

But the sad news is the some of the staff take it off her which can course tears and a search for another one 🙂

When we’ve finished she has to go climb all over the ride they have sitting on top of it

Time to go home 🙂




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