Swimming lesson

Today Hannah went to her swimming lesson she’s was really excited she really loves being in the water:)

While the others are finishing off there lesson before hers she can’t wait to get into the water edging closer to the waters edge sitting on the edge of the pool when it’s time for the other lesson to come out she already ready for her turn to get in the pool

Time for her lesson and there’s a big smile on her face as she gets in the water she still has her armbands on but there nowhere near full of air

Time for swimming and she does the breaststroke really well the only problem she has is that she’s very competitive and keeps looking around at the other children making sure she gets to the other side of the pool first 🙂

Then it’s onto doing the backstroke and again she’s looking around making sure she finishes first

She’s really doing so well that she got her first duckling award she’s only been going 8 weeks and the teacher said she would of got it sooner but the last set of lessons was to short


I’m really proud of her she puts in tons of effort and is even more determined to get more awards and work harder for them :))


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