Follow her lead

Sometimes we have to let our children take the lead in there education

When they are ready they will show us what they need and what they want to learn

Then it’s time for us to follow there lead and teach them even more

The other day hannah was playing with her wipe board and she was making up her own sums writing them out and adding them together

So this has inspired me to work with her more on her numbers and adding up

I will be buying her workbooks for her to use that will increase her knowledge with reward at the end

She really enjoys doing these sort of things as she has already got them but in letter work

I’m not one for pushing my child but I will follow her lead and support her in the things that she is interested in and numbers at the moment seem to have caught her attention

She has started to realise that things cost money and she is slowly realising how much things cost I think this is down to our weekly visits to the museum which has a shop display and a chart with all the notes and coins that we use in everyday life

Today while we was shopping she could point to a item and tell me how much it would cost

I’m really pleased with the progress she is making and how she is showing me what she wants to learn šŸ™‚


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