Froggy legs 2

Hannah’s swimming lesson today went really well

The first surprise was that she didn’t want her armbands on 🙂

They started as always with a bit of splashing and then getting in the pool onto the swimming they started off with the breaststroke which Hannah did really well with no help and no armbands

They all get to the other side then its back again and again she did it with no help the teacher said that she did it though sheer determination 🙂

Then it’s on the to backstroke which she does even better 🙂

Now comes the time for froggy legs which the teacher raps a foam tubing round them and starts on the legs first and Hannah found this really easy to do 🙂

After they have all reached the other side it’s time to move the foam tubing around the other way and it’s arm work now and again she’s finding it easy and is working really well 🙂

Last of all they have to use there arms and legs at the same time which she did really well

Could not have been more proud of her she’s been really determined since the last lesson when she got her first badge

At the end of the lesson they have 5 mins playtime where they get to do what they want Hannah normally plays on the slide but this time she swims to the other side of the pool and chooses a toy and jumps in the pool and swims across to me and climbs out and give me them I throw them in and she jumps in after them which was a shock because she’s never done this in lesson before she does this 3 more time then it’s the end of the lesson 🙂

I cannot believe the things she does at times

I just wished she would put as much determination into her walking lol 🙂


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