Swimming round-up

2 months ago i started Hannah on swimming lessons

At the beginning it was just to give her confidence to take her armbands off

I’ve been taking her swimming since she got discharged from the hospital

She seemed to really enjoy being in the water so I would take her when it was warm at least once a week

As the years have gone on she blossomed in her swimming doing so well that I didn’t even have to be right next to her as she swam

We would have races to see who could get to the other side first and yes as a parent I would let her win but there was a few times that I would beat her 🙂

It came to the time that I thought she was doing so well that it was time to take the armbands off

But Hannah was having none of it so we decided to enrol her in some swimming lessons so she could build her confidence and finally take off her armbands

This has worked out very well

First her confidence has rocketed

She’s now not afraid to take off her armbands and swim confidently without them

As always she pushers herself I have even noticed this when I take her swimming as well

She loves to jump in the water and go down the slide without any hesitation

This term she got her duckling 1 badge and she was really pleased to get it and this have made her want to do better and work harder

She has also learned to do froggy legs which she does very efficiently for a child who was not meant to walk

She also jumps in with no help she never stop surprising us

Hannah also wants swimming goggles so she can start diving under the water

Now the lessons have stopped for the holidays which is a shame 😦

But I will continue to take Hannah swimming at least once a week which she’s really looking forward to and so am I can’t wait to see what she does next 🙂


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