Neo-natal time

This blog is about hannah in neo-natal

Hannah was born at 2:19pm by emergency c-section when she first came out she was dark gary I have never seen anything like it we both feared the worst after the nurses worked on her for what seems like forever she finally cried

We got to see her for a quick glance before they whisked her off to neo-natal

After that what seemed forever we where on the move I couldn’t really see her as the doctors where working on her but they did hand me a photo of her and told us that she was critical and they where giving her a blood transfusion





That was about as much as we saw off her for the first day

The next day I woke up and couldn’t really move but made it down to neo-natal and didn’t really know what to expect they shown me where it was and I could believe all the wires and tubes they explained that she was in the hot room and that they had to give her a double blood transfusion

I could only stay in the room for no more then 20 mins at a time as it was so hot

When her dad come up the doctors explained what they thought might happen

There was to much to take in but the good news was that she didn’t show any sign of water round the brain

We even spent mothers day in hospital which was really nice as the staff had taken photo’s of the babies and made each mum a mothers day card this is mine



Which is a really nice thought

Again we had to speak with the doctors and they explained that because of the way she was born that they didn’t really expect her to walk or talk she would also be smaller then children her age and a lot slower as well

As you can imagine it was such a relief
to see her in the middle room 🙂

This is where we got shown how to clean her as she still had everywhere wires but thankfully the tubes had been taken out we even got to change her nappy which was really nice as it felt like you really was a mummy

This was hannah’s First nappy as you can see it’s really small


We even learned how to feed her with the tube in her stomach. Her dad had to remove the cap and sort out the milk because if you’re not careful you can drain her stomach so he did it as I was to scared

Family came to see her which was really nice but no-one else was allowed incase they passed on infections so friends had to wait until she was allowed home

We spent every day at the hospital and stayed well into the night as we didn’t want to leave her side for to long

After about a week they took her for a hearing test but said they would have to do it again as they couldn’t get any clear results so now there was even more to worry about

Finally she made it to the last room we could see the final hurdle soon be home 🙂

We had to learn all her medicines that she was on

She had 3 different medicines with 3 different measurement and 3 different times to give them. we had to learn how to give them to her and when 🙂

Here is the letter with all her meds and her condition


We thought that when we finally was allowed home that we wouldn’t have to return but we was so wrong but I think that is for another time

Hannah spent 2 and a half weeks in neo-natal but it seemed forever

I would like to say thanks to all the nurses and doctors who worked so hard and kept my daughter alive and well 🙂

And also to becky who helped bring Hannah home in her car

This is hannah’s first dress and even this was to big


Before we went home the nurses gave us a bag of things that they had used on Hannah

These are the wires they used




And quite a few nappies



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