Party in the park

Yesterday the whole family went to party in the park

It started at 12 but we didn’t go until 4pm by then the music was in full flow

The park was heaving with people

We started on going round the park josiah and Samuel went to look for there friends so it was just the 3 of us

As soon as Hannah saw the rides she couldn’t wait to go on the the first thing she went on was the trampolines


When it was time to come off we continued going round the park then next thing she went on was the train which she loved and last year went on it 3 times



This year she only went on it twice

We carried on round the park and meet up with josiah and some of his friends chatted with those for a while the hannah wanted to play on the park after playing on the park for about 1 hour It started to rain so we came off

Then we went to mamma’s house for something to eat and josiah was there with 2 of his friends they had come for hot dogs that his mamma had made for them

We had a nice sandwich and a hot drink after a while it was back to the park

This time Hannah wanted to go on a vehicle ride


Again she went on this ride twice

We decided to go listen to some more of the music that was put on from the local area but Hannah got restless so it was back to the park for her 🙂

After she had played on the park for a while we went round again and most of the rides where finishing up but she managed to get a go on the bouncy castle



She had loads of fun when it was time to get off we went to listen to the final act which this year was Gareth Gates the crowd went wild when he started singing one of Bon Jovi songs

All this was put on by the local council as part of there summer entertainment

When it was all over the whole family congregated at mamma’s house it was another great day out had by all 🙂


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