I love birthdays and yesterday it was mine which makes me a Leo as a Leo I love having my family round me

The first thing is always waking up with hubby lying right next to me in bed

Then its off downstairs for coffee after a chat and another coffee its time to open presents which Hannah tells me she wrapped them all herself the first gift was a necklace from Hannah the next was a new shiny phone from Alan then another necklace from Hannah the last one in the goody bag was a phone case for my new phone

Couldn’t wait to checkout my new phone after replaying to all the fb messages and Twitter message It’s time to play with the phone downloading apps

Josiah wakes up and hands me a bag of goodies in there a nice teddie and a great card hugs exchanged

Not long after Sam wakes up and there’s another goody bag there’s a card and a teddie

We believe from a young age that child should learn to give as well as receive it gives them a sence of belonging and reponsabilty

Then its time to go out in town for dinner at kids fravorate place mac’s where we get to meet josiah’s girlfriend Emma

Emma gave me a card one from her and another from the rest of her family

the only seats we could find was right next to the indoor playarea where Hannah was rushing to but after we explaned that she could go in there if she ate all her dinner so I went and ordered everyone’s meal we all sat together and ate Hannah ate all her dinner and rushed off to play after she had played in there for about 30 mins we left

Josiah Samuel and Emma asked if they could see there friends which we though would be good for them

We went for a drink and Hannah went to play then Alan asked me if I wanted to have my feet nibbled by fish I said why not

We entered the shop and for anyone who’s not been before It’s great and you should all try it

The shop we went in had pebbled floor which was suprising then after I’d taken my shoes and socks of they rinsed my feet in a shower and time to place my feet in the tank and the fish came to my feet and started nibbing at my feet its a really nice feeling and at times a little ticklish when they try and get between your toes time went really fast after your times up you get a nice towel to dry your feet with it was weird because it still felt like they was still there nibbling my feet I paid £5 for 15 mins well worth it and would definitely go again

After we left the shop Hannah wanted to play in the sand area in the market so that was our next stop

it was getting late  so it was time to leave she had been playing for about 20 mins

Then we popped in to see Alan’s mum on the way home and she gave me a card and money

Time to set off home we had a party to sort out

Got home and the first thing was coffee and a chat then on to making the party food me and hubby worked together and even Hannah helped

Then everyone else turned up and the music was flowing and so was the wine

Everyone had a great time and all was full up now cake time and josiah and Hannah put the candles on and josiah was incharge of lighting them everyone sang happy birthday and I blow them out then Hannah wanted a go and she blow then out

After everyone had left me and hubby was back on the wine

Everyone had a great day xxx


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