Alan was going training with his training partner so I thought it would be nice to take Hannah to the museum we got a lift into town by Alan’s friend daz who came in his van.

Hannah never been in a van before and loved being able to see out off the big window and hedgehog even got to meet a fella hedgehog

When we arrived and waved her dad off we went to the museum

As always we went in the same room as always and it was all about food so they had a play kitchen and play food had made me loads of different food and drink after spending about 30 mins in there I suggested we moved on

So I follow her to the next area where they have a large map of the UK and we had to put it together it was mounted on the wall so she has to stand on a dalek ( a foot stool ) to put it all together

Time for a coffee for me and a bag of maltesse for Hannah

Then its back to the food area where we play. 2 of the food games they had out Hannah beat me twice on the first game and I bet her on the last game

Then 2 other children came in and she had a great time interacting with them and they played really nice together

When they left we carried on playing with the food she made me a drink and said let’s pretend its wine 🙂

Then it was time to go meet her dad where was had dinner and drink then on to shopping


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