Holiday swimming

During the 6 weeks holiday I’ve taken Hannah swimming every week and this has made her confidence grow so much

At the beginning I decided to take her armbands just incase she wanted them but when it was time to get changed she said she didn’t want them so we left them in the locker.

We went in the wave pool and Hannah loved jumping over the waves, when the waves had finished we went swimming, after a while we moved into the small pool and Hannah jumped in the pool and loved sliding down the slide.

The next time we went I didn’t even take her armbands with us but Hannah still wanted to take her float with us, she loved jumping in the pool but this time the small pool was closed off so we went in the wave pool

She swam over to the little seat they have and she would hold on to the side and launch herself from there and start swimming.

Over the few weeks her confidence has floushed so much so that she has started swimming with her face fully in the water

She couldn’t wait to show her dad what she could do.

This week was the last week and the small pool was open, she couldn’t wait to jump in the pool.

Then she started where she left off swimming with her face fully in the water, then more sliding down the slide but this time when she slides down she trys to swims off at the end.

She loved playing on the surf boards sitting on them with me pushing her around then she wants to pull me along the water so we use the tube floats pulling me round ,)

Then its time to get out but first its more swimming with her face fully in the water

Before we leave we always get some sweets

After seeing her growth in her swimming I’m so pleased we kept it up for her and now her swimming lessons have started again on thursdays I can’t wait to see what she does next.


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