Swimming lessons

Today was Hannah first swimming lesson back since the hoildays had started

There was only Hannah and one other child there so they had loads of time like a private lesson

We took Hannah’s swimming goggles with us as Hannah loves to swim with her face in the water

Time to get in rolling on her tummy to get in and then she has to hold on the edge of the pool and kick her legs

Then on to the swimming first they start on the breaststoke and Hannah straight away starts of with her face in the water swimming to the otherside without even stopping

Then she had a breather its the other child’s turn, after a few times they move onto their backs Hannah not as fluent on her back but she still makes it without any help but just not as fast 

Then the teacher does something new its called the rocket this is where Hannah holds her hands together and the teacher pushes them through the water and they have to swim with their faces in the water as far as they could Hannah made it all the way to the otherside

Then they did it again but this time she asked Hannah to launch herself which she did and again she made it all the way to the otherside with her face fully submerged in the water

The teacher then asked them what they wanted to do and Hannah choose to practice swimming on her back

Then it was time to play and do what they wanted Hannah just kept swimming with her head submerged in the water

Her teacher said she could tell that Hannah had been practiceing in the holidays

Look forward to next weeks swimming lesson


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