B Club Surprise




Today we was walking through the shopping centre and we had just turned the corner and Hannah said that she saw the B Club so we decided to turn back and have a look

To our surprise there was the B Club

Hannah got out her pushchair and walked towards the area we stood in line and when it was our turn to enter we handed over Hannah’s B Club card and she had filled it up so they gave a special surpise

Which was a bendy pencil with the B Club logo

This time they was making a calendar for next year

First we had to cut out the months of the year and glue them on to each page after finishing that she then had to glue the top of the  calendar together

After that there was a bag of treats and inside there was some special things to stick on each page

When all that was finshed the last bit was to push some string through the holes at the top and tie them together

When she had finished they gave her a balloon and we contuned our day


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