Rother valley





The other day we went to Rother valley

We took a picnic with us

On arriving we paid the £3 entry

Parked up and eat our sandwiches in the car while looking out at the lake and looking at the ducks

After eating, Hannah wanted to feed the ducks so mamma went and brought some bird seed so we all could feed the ducks

This was really funny because when we feed one we ended up getting surrounded by them

After we had fed the ducks we went to the cafe and had a nice coffee

Then a look around the few shops they had then it was time for a walk around the lake

They have a boating club there and we saw a few boats out

After watching them for a few mins we continued on our walk after a short time we came across a cable water ski area where we was lucky to see a cable skier on the water

We hadn’t seen one before so we stood and watched as he was pulled along attached to the cable as he glades over the water and jumps as he went round the seconded time he fall of the jump straight in the water and had to swim back

Then we carried on with our walk around the lake we crossed over the bridge we decided not to carry on to the other lake we were ready for a hot drink

On the way back there was a mini play area which Hannah played on she loved the swings and even mamma had a swing as well when it was time to leave Hannah didn’t want to so I carried her while she’s screaming but after a bit of walking away she calmed down and was happy to carry on

We made it back to the cafe a few mins before it closed so we all enjoyed another hot drink

I pick-up a hedgehog pin from one of the shops

Then it was time to leave it was a really great day out and I think one we would go back to 🙂

It’s a really great day out for the whole family there is a bigger play area and that costs £3 but when we went they was closed

There is also a mini railway which the kids would love

There are also plenty of different walks you can go on so there’s something for all ages


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