Swim like a fish

Today was hannah’s swimming lesson this is a round up of all the things she’s been doing for the last few weeks

Today was very different they got in the pool as normal turning on to their bellies and sliding in the pool

When they had made it in the pool the instructor asked them to do small jumps across to the other side of the pool

when they had both made it across they had to hop back

After that the instructor was refining their skills by teaching them to swim with the faces in the water and lifting there heads out to breath and then replacing there faces back in the water to carry on swimming

Most of the lesson was teaching them the breathing techniques

After a while of doing this the instructor moved on to doing rocket with them which they both really enjoy

This is where they hold both there arms stretched out and there faces in the water and the instructor then launches them through the water and sees how far they can hold their breath and swim. Hannah made it all the way across the pool

Then they did it on their backs this was something they hadn’t done before so she had to help them at first

The other week the instructor concentrated on refining the froggy legs by moving their feet out like a frog as well as moving there legs as well

After this they moved on to retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool
Hannah really enjoyed this and thanks to her goggles she managed it and retrieved them all


One thought on “Swim like a fish

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