10 meters

The other day was Hannah’s swimming lesson

We always look forward to her lesson and so does Hannah

When they had got in the pool they had to make small jumps across the pool and on the return they hopped on one leg back

Time to swim and they swam on there backs (backstroke) and made it across with no floats or aids

After that the teacher ask them to move to the length area of the pool and gave them each a float this time they had to swim the length of the pool on there backs (backstroke) with there floats on the chests just kicking there legs Hannah made it to the other side of the pool with cheers and claps from us

When they had made it back with more cheers this time they had to move the float to there legs and swim still just moving there legs and back

After they had made it back it was time to start moving there arms

They held the float in there Left hand and used the right arm to help them swim the length of the pool by this time I had tears in my eyes but was still cheering them on

After they had made it back again they had to hold the float in the right arm and us there left arm to swim with when they had done 2 lengths of the pool ( there and back again )

It was time to change things round again they still had there float but this time they had to move there right hand while the left hand was when they had done that half a stroke they had to swap and hold the float with there left hand while the right hand moves through the water each arm taking it in turns to glide through the water and again they also did this on the return journey

Now for the big one they had to put all what they had learned into the last 2 lengths this time with no float moving both there arms alternately I was holding my breath at this time as I know she was going for the big one while shouting words of encouragement when she had finally made it to the other side without stopping she was greeted by cheers and claps from us she had done it 🙂 then they swam back as well again with cheers and tears

5 mins until end of lesson playtime

The teacher came over and said Hannah could have her 5 meters badge and her 10 meters badge

While it was playtime Hannah decided to do more swimming on her back it made us all laugh

They must have swam about 16 lengths of the pool xx 🙂



They didn’t have the 5 meters badge at the time we picked up her badges but as soon as we can we will get them

This badge will also be going on her blanket with her other badge


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