Meet the bunnies

I would like you all to meet our 2 new family members






We’ve only had them 2 weeks and already they have different personalities

Gizmo is the one who will sit on your knee and is very pushy if he doesn’t get to the food bowl first he will push his way in also gizmo is the hardest to get back in his cage and likes to hide

Then there speedy who as you can guess from his name is really fast he loves to run round the room really fast he is also the easiest to get back in his cage but is also the one who is most adventurous as well he will find the smallest place to get in

Hannah loves to hold them on her knee



She has a active role in looking after them refilling there water and food bowls I think its really important for her and has taught her so much as well She has also put both bunnies back in there cage all on her own

Gizmo loves to hide when it’s time to put him back in his cage

when we are out Hannah loves to look around for treats for the bunnies which they love to nibble on

Speedy and gizmo have learned to use there litter trays and gizmo even drinks from his water bottle but speedy has yet to find it and still uses a bowl to drink out of

When the bunnies are out of there cage hannah can’t help laughing when they are bouncing around it’s so funny to see them jumping in the air

We have put a cardboard box in there cage where they can go and sleep in it’s upside down with 2 holes in so they can get in and out but slowly the holes I’ve made has quickly got bigger as they like to nibble the box

They are now 9 weeks old

I will updated this as a lot of people have been asking how the bunnies are doing


2 thoughts on “Meet the bunnies

  1. Sounds like they have settled in well! Its good to see Hannah so happy with them. I think its great that you get her to look after them as much as possible. 🙂 x

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