Surprise gift

Just like everyone I like a surprise but when my daughter get a surprise gift that none of us was expecting its even better

This morning while we where watching tv the postman came and there was a loud bang as the letters dropped to the floor

Hannah ran straight for them saying I will get them

There was a parcel and a few letters

I was intrigued to find out what the parcel was as I hadn’t ordered anything

That’s when I saw it had Hannah’s name on

I helped her open it and she couldn’t believe her eyes

There was a surprise chocolate advent calendar from the B club


She ran straight to her dad and shown him what she had got in the post then she went and woke her brother up she was so excited

It was so nice to see her smile again after starting the week in such a mood it’s amazing that something so unexpected has made her so happy

I would just like to thank the B club for her wonderful unexpected surprise xxxx


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