B club snow globe



This week at B Club they where making a snow globe

Hannah was really looking forward to making a snow globe as she loves playing with them in shops and couldn’t wait

As we queued up Hannah was jumping around in excitement

First she  got a empty snow globe and a piece of card

Hannah choose to put a penguin sticker on the front with some presents

Then on the reverse side she started to colour it in pink and then  glued on some Christmas sequins on

She wanted to use everything that they had available so she used the fluorescent pens to add more colours to her card

Finally when she had finished her design it was time to add the glitter

Hannah wanted sliver coloured glitter first she used the glue in the places she wanted and then she handed it over to the glitter lady and she sprinkled onto the card

Now it was time to place the card into the snow globe

Before she left she recived a yellow balloon

Hannah carried her snow globe all the way home and was even more excited to show her brothers what she had done


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