Winter swimming

Hannah has had her last swimming lesson before Christmas and in the 7 weeks of lessons she has learnt so much and here is a account of what she’s learnt

Her swimming teacher has been refining her skills and teaching her how to breath properly by turning her head when she swims in sequence with her arms

She has also learnt to float in a starfish shape which she can hold to the count of ten

Hannah has also learnt how to do sculling this is where you float on your back and use only your hands to move backwards through the water she can also do this in reverse and move forwards as well

Over the last few weeks she has also learnt to retrieve items from the bottom of the pool

At first the teacher would put the items close to the side of the pool but just recently Hannah has learnt to retrieve these items from the middle of the pool by diving underwater and using her arms to get right to the bottom of the pool

Her swimming teacher is also working on improving her froggy legs by teaching her to move her feet outwards when swimming which she is getting there

Her favourite way of swimming is the backstroke which she is really good at Hannah can’t wait to move into the larger pool as the small pool doesn’t offer much challenge with this way off swimming

It’s been a great few months of swimming lesson and now where all really looking forward to the next year of lessons

She will also get to join the local swimming club so exciting times ahead


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