Santa letter

In the world full of technology it seems a dying age to write letters most people now seem to use computers and E-mail to send info even to santa

I think that writing letters offers so much first it’s good handwriting practice second it help them develops fine motor skills also it’s gives them the feeling of accomplishment

So we took to the old fashion way and put pencil to paper and Hannah wrote her letter to santa

I help her by writing the words out that she wanted to put in her letter and then she copied it on her own letter

Hannah’s letter to Santa


Next time we were in she post her letter of to santa

We had to wait a few days for her reply

On our next visit to town she was excited to see if Santa had wrote back to her

So of to Santa grotto we went and after looking through several other replies lo and behold was Hannah reply from Santa

Hannah carried the letter all the way home and opened it as soon we were in the door

Hear is what Santa said


We will definitely write more letters in the future


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