Festive cookie (B club)






Today at B club they where making festive cookies

After Hannah had got her membership card stamped it was on to choosing which festive cookie she was going to decorate

There was a choice of 3,  Angel, Christmas tree or a snowman

Hannah decided she wanted the angel

After she got her cookie they gave her a box which she could decorate and also put her cookie in to carry home

At the table Hannah took her angel cookie out of its box and placed it on the table then set about decorating it

First she got some tubed  icing and started  putting lots coloured icing all over her angel then she got some sprinkles and poured them all over her cookie

There were loads of different ones to choose from chocolate, red flavored, green flavored hundred and thousands

There was so many she had to have some of each on her cookie

After she was finished decorating her angel it was time to move on  to the next table where she could decorate her box

Hannah started by glueing some round glitter coloured circles on her box then she spotted a Christmas tree and glued that on as well  she also added some small stars to stick on her Christmas tree

Some of the staff came round and refilled some of the tubs with new stickers

Hannah loved these as they where foam stickers and she filled her whole box with them after there was no room left for any more stickers she placed her angel cookie in her newly decorated box

Then she was off to get her balloon which for a change she wanted a black balloon

Now it was time to go home and show her brothers what she had done this week

Oh and she loved eating it she said it was very yummy


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