Back to swimming

This is Hannah’s first term with her new teacher

As were sat waiting for Hannah’s lesson to start with her new teacher who was teaching another class we got our first glance at how the lesson would go

We were a bit nervous as this new teacher seemed a lot stricter then her other teacher and the lessons also seemed to have a quicker pace

We sat there a bit worried how Hannah would get along with the quicker pace and stricter teacher

But we shouldn’t have been she took to it really well and swam the best she’s ever done

So this week when we took her for her swimming lesson we where much more relaxed

Hannah stood at the gate a few mins before it was time to go in waiting for her lesson to start

The last thing the teacher said to the other group was for them all to do handstand in the pool

Then they had there playtime in this class you only get 2 mins to play

Now it was Hannah’s groups turn to swim

This week lesson was backstroke and Hannah swam really well

she the youngest in her class

Her arms are much more straighter then they have ever been before

Hannah being Hannah had a big surprise for us all at the end of the lesson

2 mins playtime and first thing she did was a handstand then to the shock and surprise she did a full somersault

After doing this the teacher asked her to do it again

Which she did but this time she did a double somersault I had tears running down my face

The teacher asked us if she had done this before we said No Never

Then the teacher turned back to Hannah who was still doing somersault and asked her to do a backward somersault

First she advised her how to do it then Hannah just went for it and lo and behold she did a backward somersault

We could not believe it she has never done any of these before and the teacher said that even most of the other children in her higher class couldn’t do them

We left that swimming lesson on such a high we can’t wait to see what else she pulls out of the bag


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