Word games

I sat down with Hannah reading one of her library books and suddenly Hannah said

Wait a minute Thats one of the words on the wall

So this was the start of the word game that we play

Each morning I read her a book and if one of the words that’s on the wall comes up in the book she runs over and takes it off and brings it back to the sofa then I carry on reading

This process carries on until the book is finished

If one of her words comes up more then once I get her to find the word and hold it up

Sometimes I have to emphasise the word just incase she misses it

When I’ve finished reading we will count her word cards up and see how many we have got

Then next thing we do is see how many of her word cards she can spell

The last thing is for Hannah to put them back on the wall which she loves to do as she uses a toy hair dryer as a stapler gun to fix them to the wall which the first time she did this was so funny it made us all laugh

Hannah really loves playing her word game she even picks the book that I’m going to read


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