Achievers swimming lesson

Hannah now does double swimming lesson the first one is with J which Hannah been with for a while

Her second swimming lesson is with D which she’s has only had this teacher for this term (5 weeks )

First lesson today was with J

Hannah did really well showing J what D had been teaching her

Today swimming lesson was all about the breast stroke

J uses a woggle to help them as this is the hardest stroke to learn

J works on both the arms and legs separately

Then after taking away of the woggle Hannah had to swim the front crawl on her own which she did

Then at the end off the lesson they have a 5 min playtime

As today was her last swimming lesson with J we got her a card and some chocolates it was a bit sad saying bye and thanks to J as we’ve had her since Hannah’s first swimming lesson 😦

Now the lesson finished its time to get some lunch and a bit of shopping before we return for Hannah’s second lesson 😊

Back to swimming we always like to get there early for her second lesson as at this time of year it’s really cold outside

Now onto D lesson and this lesson was also about learning the breast stroke the only difference is they have to do it all on there own

Near the end of the lesson D asks them all to go to the length of the pool and pick a stroke they like so they could all go for there 10 meters badge

Hannah was the last to go and she chose to do the backstroke and she made it all the way to the other side without putting her feet down

Its play time now for them while there playing the teacher goes to each parent and tells them what badge they can have

When she came to us she said that Hannah could have her national swimming award stage 1

Then came the shock she told us that she wants Hannah to move up to achievers class

So we went off to book her new lesson and couldn’t believe it

It is with J can you believe it 🙂


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