The cost of straight teeth

How far would you got for straight teeth

That’s the question I have to ask

You see my son has a sideways facing tooth and he has decided that he wants it straightening

Some may think this is straight forward and easy

He just needs a brace

if only

After going to the orthodontist where he had a x-ray

The nurse noticed something and had to redo the x-ray

Where on the second x-ray they found the he’s got two supernovas growing in his gums

He has also go a over bite of about 8 millimetres

The orthodontic thought it was best if he went to the hospital for more advice

So today that’s where we went

The dentist there had a good look at his teeth and noticed that he also has lock jaw

The course of treatment advice was that

1 he will have a brace fitted top and

2 he will need two teeth out

3 he will need the 2 supernovas

4 they will have to brake his jaw and
move it forward 5 millimetres

5 he will then have to have another
brace fitted

All this will take about 2 and 1/2 years or more

But before all the treatment there’s going to be 2 more hospital appointments

1 about his lock jaw as this could get worse if he goes with the treatment

2 to see if he can have the treatment without braking his jaw

It seems a lot of work to have straight pearly teeth


2 thoughts on “The cost of straight teeth

  1. wow! I would do anything for my daughter to have good teeth. I had to wear braces for years and I complained to my mum regularly, but she never let me off the hook, now I thank her so much for it! My husband had parents who gave in and let him got away with it and he has already spent a fortune as an adult to sort out his smile. I would get a 2nd or 3rd opinion, even if you have to pay for it, but my experience with teeth is do it when they are young. As an adult it all becomes more complicated. good luck

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