Toy box

The other day I got my long awaited toy box for all Hannah’s toys

She had a mountain of toys and as her birthday grow closer she was bound to get a lot more

I’ve looked round some shops but what they offered was either going to leave me with just a mountain of small toyboxes or they just didn’t seem strong enough to last years

I was at my wits end

That was until I found men in sheds

They where in my eyes a life saver

Some of you may wonder who men in sheds are

So here is some info about them

Men in sheds is a project run by age concern

It’s where men over the age of 60 get together and make new friends putting there skills together and making some wonderful garden items

Here is a link if you would like more info about what sort of things they have made

There are all over the country

So I got on the phone to them and asked if they could help me out and they said

They were just working on one I could not believe my luck they said when it was finished they would send me a e-mail with the details and photos

We arranged a price plus delivery

After a few weeks a e-mail dropped in my inbox

These’s are the pictures of my new toybox



It’s very solid and hand painted and was just what I was looking and cost me £40

£35 for the toybox and £5 delivery

Now the mountain of toys have vanished and I have a wonderful toybox in place which will last years and years

I would just like to say a huge thank you to the men in sheds


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