Farmer day

Reposting a old post for @oliversmadhouse #MagicMoment

I wanted to do something special for Hannah’s 5th birthday

Her brother’s where both at school or college

So we paid for Hannah to be a farmer for the day at white post farm

We had to get there for 9:30

We arrived I bit early

After waiting around and looking at the duck pond

Then we met her guide for the day her name was Molly and Hannah would be with her for the whole day

The farm doesn’t open until 10 am it was really strange seeing it very empty

Hannah’s first job was to collecting the food to feed the chinchillas field mice rats and guinea pigs

Then it was off to where they keep the animals

First Hannah had to feed the chinchillas stepping inside she filled up there bowl and Molly filled there water up

After the door was closed it was the guinea pigs turn there was loads of them Hannah filled up 2 big food bowls


When the bowls where placed back in the guinea pigs rushed over there was even some baby ones

Then it was on to the field mice which where very tiny

Finally it was the rats turn to get feed they where fast a sleep so she didn’t get to see them running round

After it was back to the storage room to return the buckets and empty the unused food

Now it was off to the giftshop where Hannah got a t-shirt and a disposable camera so she can record her day

Now she’s kitted out

It was off to the reptile area

Where another job waited for she had to bath the tortoises they where really small

Molly got her a bowl of warm water and some tissue

Molly first shown Hannah what she had to do and then passed it to Hannah to bath

She wet her hand and wiped it over the tortoises shell top and underneath the she got some tissue and dryed them up

Hannah bathed 3 tortoise’s

I even got the chance as well but mine was a bit bigger then Hannah’s

Molly explained to Hannah why they had to bath them

Here’s some of the animals that Hannah got up close to

And daddy held a snake



Hannah’s next job was to collect the eggs from the chickens

in total they collected 11 eggsthe eggs would then be taken to see which ones had been fertilzed and the one’s that hadn’t would be sold in there farm shop

then hannah wanted to see the pigs and she was surprised at how big they were

she so got to meet some cute baby bunnies which where so tiny and cute

the next thing was a quick play

heres one off the jobs she really got stuck into cleaning out the baby duckling

after the ducklings had been cleaned out and had fresh straw it was on to meet the meerkats

it was time to move on to her next job which was to milk a goat first she watched one of the staff do it and she explained that the milk that they took went straight back to the baby goats which they had 6 to feed

next it was hannah’s turn

after both goats had been milked hannah and molly had to take the milk off to where the milk bottles where and molly measured it out the milk so that all 6 baby goats would get the same amount

then its off to feed the baby goats and like and baby’s milk it needed warming

what a morning time for a spot of lunch hannah got a free lunch as it was included in the price for being a framer for the day after we had all finished it was was back to work

the afternoon started out with feeding the animals indoors

after that was all done

as part of being a framer for the day she got to chose weather she had her face painted or paint a small pot that she could take home

hannah wanted to paint a pot first she choose one she chose a teddy and set about painting

after she had finished painting her teddy it was back to work and this time it was to feed the animals outside

when all the animals had been feed there was just time for a little playtime

hannah loved playing on the go-karts as well

it was then time to say bye and thanks to molly who had made one little girls 5th birthday very special indeed

13 thoughts on “Farmer day

  1. Hiya: thank you for taking time of writing up this specifics. I frequently try to even more my knowledge of issues. No matter whether I agree or disagree, I like facts. I take into account the olden days when the only supply of material was the library or the newspaper. They each appear so out of date. : )

  2. What a lovely day, but she had to work quite hard, bless her. Did she come home saying she wanted to work with animals when she grows up? I was animal mad when I was a child… still am! lol

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