Kreativ blogging a tag

I got tagged by @AutismMumma and I was asked to

” post 10 things about myself that you may not know ” I got my thinking cap on and heres what I came up with

So here goes

1. I got married at the age of 17 I know what your thinking such a young age and now I myself have a 17 year old I would agree with you

2. By the time I was 19 I had 2 boys to look after there not twins but when they was young they got mistaken for being twins right up until they where about 13 years old

3. I found out I was having my 3rd child on my 30th birthday it was the best present ever

4. I love sports and have played many including rugby I used to run for my school and the county the longer the better it was a way to escape it felt that it was you and the world out there and no-one else mattered at that moment

5. I also love crafts I can knit, sew, and my latest thing at the moment I’m doing is a latch hook rug I seem to dip in and out of things always up for trying something new

6. I love handbags i just can’t help myself if i see a bag I like i just have to have it no matter what the cost I love different coloured bags and even better if it’s got a nice design on it

7. I Have a fear of spiders or any other creepy crawlies but spiders are the worse my son loves them and if there’s a spider around he comes to the rescue and takes it outside for me

8. I love playing car racing games the best game i ever played was project Gotham 2 I loved the way the game made the cars come alive most Saturdays you would find me and hubby online playing against others

9. I have one tattoo of a dolphin on my arm and at 13 I had my ears pierced and decided I wanted another hole in one ear so over a few days I pierced my own ear with a needle I took from my mums sewing basket I have also since got my nose pierced and the top of my other ear done as well

10. I love reading my favourite author is James Patterson I’ve read most of his books but I have read loads of different book from romance to thrillers I have a large bookcase full of books and now a kindle with around 35 books on it I wouldn’t be without my kindle now I’ve got it

I’m now going to “tag” 6 other people

@Maybezen – my hubby and great blogger

@AutismMums_Dads – love her blogs

@wessonben – interesting blog

@Clairelouise82 – the first blog I read

@from_fun_to_mum – love her blogs

@greenfroggyfae – another blogger I love to read

Hope you’ve enjoyed it it’s not as easy as it first sounded


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