Paint a pot

I got this idea from blog

Which she also sent hannah the cutters that we used

So over the last few weeks we’ve been collecting the items we needed

Here is a list of items we got

2 plant pots
The cutters
Air drying clay

First Hannah picked the Colour of paint she wanted to use and then set about painting the pots



Hannah wanted to use 2 different colours so when she had done the bottom half of both the plant pots we had to let them dry for a few days

Then it was back to painting the tops of the plant pots this time she chose orange this is to give the plant pots the looks of a sunset




After they had dried i got out the air drying clay and used cling film to wrap the rolling pin up

Then she rolled it out and cut out some butterfly’s ready to stick on the plant pots



After she had cut out 4 butterfly’s 2 for each plant pot it was time to paint then Hannah want to paint the blue


Then Hannah got cleaned up while they dried

After about a day the paint was dry and now it was time to glue them on the plant pots which for this I did for her then we left them in the window to dry

Here is the finished project


I think she did a great job

The only thing left is to varnish them


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