I do it all by myself

Ever since hannah could string a sentence together this phrase has sent shock waves through the home

I do it all by myself

It has been used for lots of things

From carrying a tray with her own drink on it in cafes

To getting dressed

Sometimes Hannah will come out with I can do it all by myself even if she can’t do it but she will have a jolly good go

But this one sentence also means I’m redundant from another task that I do for her

And today the sentence came out again now she’s only 5 but I can do it all by myself

It was bath time and normally it’s met by screams and kicking but not today

No today Hannah was going to do it all by myself

I filled the bath up and she came and got in with no screaming or anything

I washed her hair for her and rinsed it off and put the conditioner on and then it was her turn to take over, I asked if she wanted me to put the shower gel on the sponge for her and the 6 words came out

So off I went to make a start on peeling the potatoes and I heard mum mum I need help and yes you’ve guessed it she couldn’t get the top off the shower gel

After that she bathed herself and even finished off washing her hair and got out the bath all by herself and even pulled the plug

So it looks like another mummy job I’m redundant from 😦

But it also means my little baby is growing up


6 thoughts on “I do it all by myself

  1. I have an independent one too. It’s great that they want to do so much for themselves but boy, do things take forever. I’m having to leant patience at the same speed he is learning everything else.

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