Fun in notts

Today we went to notts on the train we was also going to meet up with J my eldest son with his girlfriend and her mum

It was a full family day out yes even Sam came with us

J and M came in the car with her mum so we had to meet them at the lions

After we had met up we had offered to buy them dinner

But first J wanted to show us a few shops

One of the shop we will have to revisit another day it was sweet heaven

It was time to get some lunch off to Holly’s which is hubby’s fav place to eat

2 tables and 7 of us filled in Holly’s munched our lunch and had a few laughs it was time to hit the shops the first place was

Build-a-bear where Hannah, me and M got ourselves a bear they didn’t have the one that I went for so will have to go back again but chose a different bear instead

Hannah and M had a rainbow bear and I got a bear with a little nemo on its paw


Then it was on to have them filled Hannah loved the stuffing machine but wouldn’t take part in the heart ritual but did place a heart in her bear

Hannah picked some hello kitty slippers M got a outfit and I got a dress for mine

Hannah’s bear is called rainbow mine is called ocean and M is called candy floss

while we were choosing our bears the lads went off to the game shop and both came out with a game each

After we had left build-a-bear we went off to broadmarsh on the way hubby brought a big issue which he always does normally he just gives them the money but it was the guys last one and as it was raining he brought it off him

We went in the 99p shop and I got some stickers for Hannah’s table J got some playing cards and M’s mum got a few toys for her dog

Then hubby wanted to go to waterstones hannah loved playing in the children’s area he came away empty Handed but M and her mum loved it as they have never been before and said they would go there again

Think we was all shopped out so they went back to the car and we headed for the train station

Hannah was a bit upset that she had to walk more but the puddles kept her busy

When we had arrived in town we decided to have mac’s for tea before we got a taxi home

It was a wonderful day out for all off us and even the rain couldn’t stop us Having fun it even helped at times


2 thoughts on “Fun in notts

  1. Brilliant day out for everyone, the bears were beautiful and Hannah loves the name Rainbow, think that’s my baby horse’s. Always enjoy these trips out & everyone had such a good time .XX

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