Swimming 1 year in

This term marks Hannah’s been swimming for a year now and in that year she has come so far

When we started with the swimming lesson it was only so I could take her swimming without her armbands on

Little was we to know that in the first few weeks she took them off of her own accord

By the end of term she had also got her duckling 1 swimming badge

Then came the 6 weeks holiday which I would continue taking her swimming

She was so much more confident in the water

A new term had started and she was still in the teaching pool every week she got stronger and stronger by the end she had moved up

October’s term was a big one she had managed to get her duckling 2, 3, 4, 5, also her 5 meters and 10 meters her swimming teacher advised us to take her to a swimming club

We phoned them up and she couldn’t go until she was 5

Then in December we got a phone call from her swimming teacher she wanted to move Hannah up into early achievers so we booked her in and waited for then next term

It came as a bit of a shock when we arrived as she would have a new teacher and the children where a lot older then her but we hadnt have been worried Hannah loved it and fitted right in

Hannah’s confidence had rocketed she would try her hand at anything in the water doing front and backward somersaults

February term saw Hannah get her national stage 1 and yet again also saw her move up to achievers class

March and where getting closer to were she can soon start at swimming club

March also saw the first time she would get a chance to swim in the big pool

A week after her 5th birthday she managed to get her 15, 20 and 25 meter badges

I was still taking her swimming just for fun every week

She had also started going to swimming club which improved her swimming in heaps and bounds

Then April half term came and they had 50 meters plus week were they had lesson everyday for 4 days and at the end they would have a chance at getting her 50 meters

And if you’ve been following her progress you will know that she got her 50 meters and would now take all her lessons in the big pool

June and we’ve nearly finished a year in swimming but she still had this term left which saw her get her national level 2

So a year has gone so fast and she’s earned

13 swimming badges which are

Duckings 1 to 5
5 meters
10 meters
15 meters
20 meters
25 meters
50 meters
National swimming award level 1
National swimming award level 2

With the start of a new swimming year for her I wonder what she will pull out of the bag

This year also see her entering her first swimming gala as well


4 thoughts on “Swimming 1 year in

  1. That is so nice, well done for being a great parent and keeping it up. My daughter loves her swimming and my 4 year old loves swimming too but has got bad habits from the swimming for fun but is on stage 3 at the moment he loved it jumping in the big pool.
    You are a fabulous mummy.

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