18th birthday

My eldest son was 18 yesterday

The celebration started on the Sunday night where we took him for a meal at the pub

It was a family affair with grandparents there plus Josiah’s girlfriend and her mum as well in total there where 9 of us

After a wonderful meal

Now I would say the young ones went out to play but some of then aren’t so young lol





After a while we got Josiah his first beer of probably many more to come


After he had downed that it was time to leave and all gather back to ours for a cuppa

Now normally for years the lads have had there birthday off school

But this year Josiah wanted to go to college to our shock and horror

So we gave him one present in the morning and waved him on his way

The morning went by

Then come the afternoon it was time to get the show on the road

First thing was to get some more decorations for his grandparents house

Then it was time to pick his cake up


Mamma did a great job with the food while we wait for Josiah, his girlfriend and her mum to come

When they did arrive it was present time



Time to tuck in and when eveyone was full it was cake time


Josiah blow out all the candles then Hannah wanted a go so we relit them

After that we took Hannah to her swim club and Josiah went to shop to get a new sim card then when we got back we cut the cake

Josiah’s girlfriends mum had brought some flowers for mamma

Went back to Josiah’s girlfriends house for another drink

We didn’t get home until gone 11 at night

I think he had a great day







2 thoughts on “18th birthday

  1. Happy birthday to your son! My eldest has not long been 18! And can I say your son looks just like my son no2! It looks as if you had a great day! My son spent his 18th hungover! Hehe! silly him x

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