Double Trolly

When we go food shopping you should see the looks we get

Why you may wonder

Well we have 2 trolleys

Some off you may think wow they have a lot of food to buy

But no we only have 1 Trolly for food

The second Trolly is for Hannah which no food can be placed in this Trolly at all

This has been going on for quite a while now the only thing that can go in her Trolly is her and hedgehog

The only time she will get out of the Trolly for is to get some sweets for herself and then she’s straight back in the Trolly again right up until the end of the shop

Not sure why this has started I can’t even tell you when

If we go to a certain food centre where they have clothes upstairs then we have to go up even if we are not buying anything just to come back down to start our food shopping

All I know is she won’t walk round anymore she even has her set way round

I know to some people this may be strange but it works for us

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