Moving house

Yes where finally moving house

The new house is lovely and very calming

We can even see horses from the bedroom windows

It’s 3 bedrooms with 1 spacious bathroom and a downstairs toilet

So no more queuing for the loo

The kitchen has a dining area as well with patio doors which lead onto the back garden

The packing going well so far 35 boxes have been packed and there’s still more things left

12 of these boxes are full of books well I guess you can’t have to many books

Everyone has been hands on and we have had outside help with josiahs girlfriends mum bring round boxes for us so where not short of them

She is also going to be driving the van when the time comes to leave

I can’t believe how much we have it seems to be a never ending

We can’t move for all the boxes that have been packed so today where taking some of them to the new house

And where also going to have our tea there as well from the chip shop so no cooking today


2 thoughts on “Moving house

  1. Good luck with moving 🙂 – completely sympathise with all those boxes ! Never really how much I had until I tried putting it all away into boxes!!

    Enjoy your new house sounds great


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