Fab day

Had a really great day

First it started with the neighbours little one coming round to see if Hannah could play at her house

Which for 1 was great because it meant we could get the whole house cleaned

2 it was so nice that we have moved and the neighbours wanted to play with her instead of tormenting her which is what happened for 8 years at the other house

Then when our neighbour brought her back she got a invite to go round her house on Sunday evening to watch DVD’s

After a bit of time we took her to the local play centre which is only a 2 min walk away

She loved it and spent the next 2 hours running around and climbing everywhere


When it was time to leave we picked up some chips on the way home

She has just asked if she could go to our other neighbours house to play lol

I just hope that this time when I put her to bed that she would sleep before midnight


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