Digging deep

Yesterday was Hannah’s swimming lesson and for the first time it started differently Hannah was in a lane on her own

At first we didn’t know what was happening then her swimming coach came over and told us she was doing her length badge

by this time Hannah had done 4 lengths so I got up and walked the length of the pool which Hannah’s swimming counting them off when we got to 8 lengths we thought she was done and had got her 200 meter badge

But oh no her coach wanted her to keep going for 16 lengths in total if she could

So on she went with me by her side encouraging her on

After she had done 12 lengths Hannah started to get tired and needed to dig down to find her second wind with loads of encouragement from us she only had 4 more lengths to do and it would have been a shame to have gave in after coming so far

So she started on her 13th length and it was amazing to see the strength and determination in her arms and legs powering through the water

When she got to her 15th length there was no looking back the end was near

The last length came and she just powered for it with each leg kick took her closer and closer to her goal

She got it 400 meters and she worked so hard and she was very proud of herself for what she had done

She was so pleased that she didn’t give in and dug deep to find her second wind



Because she worked so hard it was treat day

Hannah got macs for dinner and got to play in there play area

Then it was off to the sweet shop where she picked what ever she wanted

Next to the library where she loves to play

After that she got a new top and hair bobbles

It was certainly a day we all won’t forget in a hurry

My little swimmer winner šŸ˜ƒ


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