Monday are sometimes great

Today was the first day of half term and its gone really well

After a bit of cleaning we went to asda to pick up some last min items for cake making

Me and Hannah chose to make a marble cake so we needed to pick up a extra mixing bowl and some grease proof paper then we headed home

Before we could start baking we had a meeting with our support worker who is going to see if she can help us get Hannah to school in the mornings without to much trouble

She had brought round some jigsaws for Hannah to play with and to try and interact with her and was surprised that she could do all the jigsaws without any help

After she had left it was time to bake

First we lined the cake tin with grease proof paper

Hannah did all the mixing and even helped weigh the ingredients out

The only bit she couldn’t do was mix the coco as it needed hot water

Her is how it turned out



After the cake had finished baking it was time to get on with tea which in a way was sad because the kitchen smelled so good

Time just seemed to fly by and it was time to get ready for swim club

Hannah was really enjoying herself that she was flapping her arms around not sure if was down to her doing so well or the music that they had playing loud

Time to settle her down for the night with one of her library books

Sometime Mondays are so good 🙂


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