Passion 'n Persistence

5 November 2012. Or 5 November any year is something we’ll always remember and not for the reason of bonfire night.

We remember it because it would’ve been one of our kids birthday. It is one who isn’t here. This is why, when I mention it on twitter, I will often say we have 3 (+1) children.

This year he would’ve been 6.

It’s a fitting occasion that he should’ve been born on fireworks day as he went with a flash but the sparkle has never left us.

Last year we gave a ritual in behalf of his memory: a simple unadorned candle, a flower, a stick of incense and some sweets in offering and remembrance of him. That simple act gave some measure of closure, and this year a beautiful array of flowers are to be seen in our ever remembrance of him.

For him who declared, “My body…

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