From bad to better and back again

Today started like any other fighting to get Hannah to school in the morning

It takes us about 3 hours from waking to her stepping foot in the door don’t get me wrong she absolutely loves school but she hates the walk there

Today I’ve been bit, kicked and punched

By the time we was walking to school I had a massive headache from her  constant screaming

Finally we got her into school and I could let out a huge sigh of relief

Before going home we went to asda for a nice cup of strong coffee when we got home it was 12 o’clock not much of the day left but managed to clean one of the rabbits out and get ready to go out for lunch with Hubby’s parents

We enjoyed a nice carvery and slowly my headache was vanishing it was so nice sitting there with the conversation flowing

Then hubby banged his hand where he got burned over 5 weeks ago and his scab came off and it didn’t look very healthy so the decision was taken that we would get Hannah from school and go straight to the doctors

Hannah thankfully came out of school very happy and off to the doctors to see if they could fit him in

They got him in and was seen within minutes the news was not good his hand was badly infected the burn has gone right down to his tendon he’s got a week to see if it will start healing if not then its a hospital thing so where keeping our fingers crossed

After leaving the doctors me and Hannah went swimming it was great being back in the water with her  splashing around going down the slides just  genuinely having fun after a few hours of playing it was time to leave and go home

As soon as we walked in the door Hannah got out her homework and set about completing it which didn’t take long as it was maths

Teatime courtesy of our local chip shop

What a full day of emotions being shaken around thank God its the weekend


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